A scam website checker is an important tool for anyone who is concerned about the legitimacy of a website. In today’s online world, cyber criminals are getting more sophisticated in their attempts to steal personal information. They use social engineering, which is the process of sending phishing emails, to get people to click on fake websites that they control. A cybersecurity company will keep a database of such sites. If you’re worried about a particular website, it’s a good idea to first check the URL before clicking on it.

A scam website checker will detect any fraudulent websites and will warn you about them before you make any purchases. It is important for all Internet users to be vigilant, especially those who use the internet for business purposes. Since the Internet is a global marketplace, it’s easy for cybercriminals to lure unwary users into phishing scams and malware downloads. If you’re worried about a certain website, a scam website checker will give you a warning before you click on it.

Another scam website checker is Norton SafeWeb, which comes standard with the Norton 360 suite of products. Its NortonLifeLock system compiles a report on a portal’s reputation, safety, and potential security problems. If a website looks suspicious, it will be flagged as a scam. The best site inspectors will also clean malware from your website, if necessary. They will also alert you if a site is infected with malware or has been compromised.