You may be wondering is forex a scam. This is a common question among beginners. The answer to that question depends on how much you’re willing to risk. Luckily, there are no guaranteed profits when trading in the forex market. However, the market can change in a moment, and you shouldn’t trust brokers or forex EAs that promise you overnight fortunes. Nevertheless, it is important to note that a forex broker should never guarantee profits.

A forex scam involves a broker who promises investors high returns in return for a small upfront investment. Such a broker will promise a ten-fold return within a few days, and may even encourage you to share the money with your friends. Once enough people have invested, the scammer will vanish with your money and leave you with nothing. You can spot a forex scam by looking for some of these common signs. For one, if an investment program is offered to you without asking for personal information, it’s probably a forex scam.

Forex scams have become increasingly common, and are a prime example of this. Despite the fact that it can be a legitimate investment, it’s worth keeping an eye out for unsolicited messages from brokers. These messages can come in any form, and they usually consist of promises of enormous returns from a small investment. These promises are unrealistic because they’re entirely dependent on the volatility of the market, and are often accompanied by false and misleading claims.